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Townhouse Exteriors

Flat Roof Repair 
Historic Brick Restoration

GL Barnhart Construction

GL Barnhart Construction is a flat roof repair and historic brick restoration company, based in Capitol Hill, Washington, DC. Our personal history goes back generations and decades both here in Capitol Hill and in the trades of roofing and masonry and historic restoration.   

Precise and Tailored Roof Repairs

Targeted Repairs

GL Barnhart Construction is a small company and we take a more customized approach to our work.  We are based here in Capitol Hill, DC. We specialize in repairing and maintaining the exterior roofs of old buildings in the area. Our targeted approach to repairs and restoration allows for efficacy in upkeep and maintenance.


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Contact Us

To schedule a consultation and or request a call or ask any questions, jut send us a message here or at

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Some Examples of GLBC Work


Gary and his crew have done great work for me, my clients, and friends. Very knowledgeable. Highly recommend."

—  Ben P.  15 year DC resident and realtor

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