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GL Barnhart Construction specializes in flat roof repair, maintenance, and seasonal check-ups for residential and commercial properties in the historic Capitol Hill area. We have extensive experience working with the unique and historic flat roof systems common in this neighborhood and throughout the inner parts of DC.

Flat Roof Repair: Our work will often focus on leak repair and prevention, patching and specific repairs.  In most cases we start with a condition survey and offer two main categories of roof condition check-ups.  From that point we can generally recommended targeted repairs or options which can normally offer options for repair and or replacement of flat room systems within the greater roof context or specific elements of the flat roof system.

Flat Roof Upkeep & Maintenance: Comprehensive and proactive maintenance can be extremely effective in extending the life of your flat roof. We offer flat roof maintenance and upkeep services including seasonal gutter cleaning, coating applications, sealing and re-sealing joints, and making minor repairs as needed.  Flat Roof Seasonal Check-ups: The DC climate can be tough on flat roofs. Our seasonal inspections aim to identify potential problem areas before they become major issues. We examine field and termination areas of a flat roof, drainage systems, flashing, and a variety of additional principal roof elements.

Historic Masonry Restoration: Capitol Hill's buildings are built with historic brick  masonry that requires specific care and upkeep. From deteriorated rooftop chimneys to parapet walls, we restore these traditional elements using period-appropriate methods and materials.  You can read our blog and see that we understand the specific importance of restoring historic masonry correctly.

Slate Roofing: Many older Capitol Hill homes have slate roofs mansards and turrets. We can repair and replace slate roof sections and provide proper maintenance to associated metal terminations, copings, caps, and flashings.

With our specialized flat roofing and masonry focus, GL Barnhart is here to service the historic properties in the Capitol Hill neighborhoods of Washington, DC.  Send us and email to reach out if we can help to protect and maintain the architectural character of your building.

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