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About Us

GL Barnhart Construction History

GL Barnhart Construction is a commercial and residential construction company.

GL Barnhart started in 1997 focusing on home improvement and small commercial renovations. Today, the company focuses on flat roofing repair and upkeep and maintenance in the historic neighborhoods around the Capitol Hill area of Washington, DC.  We provide our clients for both flat roof repair or replacement, but it is rare to find a contractor like us who can survey the conditions of a flat roof thoroughly enough to document and explain the options for repair, instead of just replacement.


The company values are based on developing solid and long term connections within our community.  We believe in building better and long term, and we recognize and balance a pragmatism in the stewardship and upkeep of old buildings.


We focus on the Capitol Hill and surrounding DC area because we love this neighborhood.  Our experience makes us a good fit for DC in many ways, we have an extensive background in historic renovations, which is essential for construction in this area.

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